Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Opening Night -- A New Perspective

When we started this blog, I never imagined that Andy and I would ever meet each other, never mind anyone else. What has transpired has been an embaressment of riches.

To add to the roll-call of wonderful people I've met to date, I'd like to introduce a lady who prefers to be known simply as JB. A leading light in the Buckley Brigade, she is also an ardent admirer of our girl. She has already provided us with a touching and witty account of her meeting with Rachel at Hyde Park, as well as contributing a literally jaw-dropping review on Jessie's blog of Miss Buckley's beautiful solo.

I had the great pleasure of meeting JB at Rachel's opening night and she has very kindly agreed to give us her thoughts on the evening. Once again her words are both thought-provoking and entertaining.

Put the Kettle on please…

Firstly thank you, for being ever helpful, friendly and welcoming, especially my sincere thanks to David and Andy,Karen,also Rosie, Eleanor… and all of you ‘shiny happy people on T.T.’ Ms Tucker you should be proud, very proud ! By small way of return thanks to David and the team, I ’pen’ some thoughts. Not exactly hot off the press though…

I must confess, hanging my head in shame, after having the ticket on my kitchen shelf for months on end, I’d actually made no effort, what so ever, to find out more about the show !
I appreciate many genres of music but in honesty would rather swap Rock Opera for Grand Opera,Queen,for Puccini. More importantly, Rachel’s voice was all I really wanted to hear. In addition, that ‘good egg’, was going to knock everyone for six on her opening night, and along with sharing the evening with some special friends, it was always bound to be good crack! (pardon the pun).Sometimes it’s good not to have preconceptions or expectations of an evening like this,(that’s my excuse for pleading ignorance).

You’ve all seen the opening night shots and read some fabulous accounts of the show, so to summarise…
That’s, Mad Max,Tina Turner, Circus Archaos,Toyah Willcox,the best of Oxfam chic, Vivienne Westwood, 80’s Madonna, Cyndi Lauper,and Puck casting his most mischievous spells, all draped in Agent Provocateur, on a velvet sofa -throw in a stick of dynamite and explode…( pray WWRY costume designer never ever gets to see this ).These were just the aesthetics,and buried somewhere beneath all the ‘clobber,’ was that little gem Rachel, a powerhouse of enthusiasm, with her bright eyes sparkling. This was where the real explosion came, from within-Rachel was completely in her element, a little bundle of potential and energy. It was exhausting and inspiring to watch.
What was all that fuss and nonsense over, ‘can you sustain six nights a week’ business in IDA? I can only imagine and guess, that playing Nancy in Oliver, in comparison, might be like playing the 100 years part of the Sleeping Beauty. Jodie,over to you on that one, I am now walking on thin ice! I do still recommend the foot cream though-Rachel, ask David.

I mentioned being unprepared for what to expect, which had it’s down sides-When Rachel stepped up to sing ’Only the Good Die Young’ the lyrics hit a very personal note, and combined with the passion, sincerity of the delivery, the tears in those piercing blue eyes and power in her voice; after that, I don’t think I could ever handle hearing Jessie sing this, and for once I cannot find words.

In the end when curtain was on its final way down, I haven’t cried with laughter so much since the week before at Hyde Park seeing ‘those two’ do the bump!
Can you ever imagine the vibe and chemistry between Rachel and Jessie in the same production ? God help the director…’The Boys in The Photograph’ -now there’s a thought…and a full house every night ! we know it’s already crossed your mind Sir Andrew.

Yesterday whilst on the M25, scanning something decent to listen to on the radio, ‘Radio Gaga’ blasts out, bringing vivid memories, and a little grin. A return visit on the 15th ? My traditional Christmas shopping ‘fest’ that weekend, may become significantly more expensive. One regret, I didn’t get to say bon voyage to some wonderful people, mostly to someone about to begin an exciting new chapter of their life, the next day at University and wish them all the luck in the world…it’s getting cold now, you’ll need your cardi !

Milk no sugar ! Thanks

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Rosie said...

JB your reviews are always so so funny! You have a brilliant way with words.
It was a pleasure to meet you on opening night, and i hope (fingers crossed for my next pay cheque to be more promising than my last one!) that we can meet again on the 15th!
Thanks for a brilliant review,
Rosie x