Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!!

So, one of the fantastic things about living in London is the free 'thelondonpaper'! In all fairness it's probably not the most reliable newspaper in the world, but on my way home today one particular artice caught my eye and I hope David and Andy don't mind me sharing it!

What with it being Halloween and all, someone had published an AMAZING article about haunted West End theatres! And guess which theatre was at number two of the Top 5?!


'This 1929 venue is on the site of an old brewery, which once boasted the world's biggest beer vat. After an explosive incident on the 17th October 1814, eight staff drowned. Their ghosts are rumoured to haunt the place and an apparition of a man banging a barrel is said to have been seen. Fire doors also inexplicably open and close and a dressing room suffers from exploding light bulbs. Oh, and watch out for the black figure that has been spotted in the orchestra pit, possibly a hangover from when this site housed a leper colony.'

Fascinating yes?!

Also on the list was the Apollo Theatre, Victoria (currently showing 'Wicked'!), the Fortune Theatre, The Theatre Royal, Haymarket and the Peacock Theatre.

The Peacock Theatre had the most amazing story however: '..haunted by the ghost of a dolphin. No, seriously. Apparently, phantom squeaking is heard and the theatre suffers from random puddles of water being found around the building. Before it was a theatre, the venue was a revue bar and two dolphins were used as part of the finale to a striptease show. They died of neglect and one of them has haunted the place ever since. Staff have nicknamed it Flipper.'

So there you go!
I thought this article was brilliant and felt the need to post it, as it's loosely Rachel-related!

And this concludes my spooky Halloween post! But when you're next at the Dominion, look out for the ghosts!!

(By the way, the article also names the three West End theatres that are ghost-free. So if ghosts aren't really your thing, start planning on how to persuade WWRY to move to The Shaftesbury, Ambassadors or Wyndham's!)


David said...

The world's largest beer vat? No wonder the place is haunted -- those ghosts are trying to get back in!

holz said...

I just saw rachel in we will rock you on wednesday! she was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! and i even got to meet rachel after!!!!!! She is a really nice person! I got a pic aswell!!!!!!! :D

David said...

Nice one Holz! Drop us an email if you wanna share!

holz said...

ok i will in a later when i have time!!!!!! I'll have 2 download the photos off my camera aswell!

holz said...

Ok i got a prob... I am going on holiday till tuesday!!!!!! so i wont be able to write review yet soz!!!! :'(!!!! I will write when i next get a chance! I will really miss the blog!

David said...

No worries -- enjoy your hols Holz!