Friday, 12 September 2008

Rude To Rachel

Hmmmm well our readers may well have noticed that our blog is a bit of a Rachel shrine. We NEVER criticise or poke fun at our idol. But you may be surprised to know that not every blog is so well behaved.

The extremely irreverent 'Discount Theatre' blog had a humorous pop at a few stars yesterday, and our Rachel was just one of a number who received a couple of rude but hilarious comments.

Apologies if anyone finds this offensive but it cracked me up.

''Rachel Tucker, who narrowly missed being cast as Nancy, has just landed herself her first West End leading lady role. The Belfast-born brunette bombshell (not easy to say after a few SATC-style cocktails) takes over the part of the sassy rebel ‘Meat’ in Queen and Ben Elton’s hit musical WE WILL ROCK YOU from Monday 22nd September. She told me (okay, so she told everyone else, too): “It is a dream part. WE WILL ROCK YOU is one of my favourite shows. I first saw it when I was a student at the Royal Academy [name-dropper], and loved it. I am beside myself with excitement. I just can’t believe it.” Well, believe it, baby, ‘cos I’m gonna be there on the front row with a pair of highly aerodynamic Y-fronts at the ready… As the great Freddie Mercury once sung: “I am a sex machine ready to reload, like an atom bomb, about to oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, explode.”

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Kristin Nicole said...

That makes two of us. I'm dying. Aerodynamic Y Fronts....ohhhh that's an image.