Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Rachel in Annie

Well as we say in Belfast, we've got a quer treat for yous this morning!

Karen found this priceless footage in her mum's attic recently, and with the help of her hubby managed to transfer it to DVD for us. Uploading it to Youtube was somewhat trickier, and I want to thank Jess who talked me through the process by PM from the US!

This little video features Rachel and Karen in their 1991/92 school production of 'Annie.' Karen plays Miss Hannigan while Rachel steals the show as little orphan Molly. No prizes for spotting her -- and no doubt whatsoever about Rachel's early stage credentials.

This is a fantastic piece of Rachel history and I want to say a huge thank you to Karen for finding it for us. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

omg i love this!!! lol i couldve been just born when she stomped on Karen's toe who knows?


holz said...

Lol rach steals the show i think i was one of the first ppl 2 see this as i was ill off school and watched just after it was posted! lol i luv it when rachel stamps on karens toe classic!!!!!

Rachel has by far the strongest voice in hard knock life the others crack a bit but rachels voice is clear as a crystal!

Sara said...

Love it What a gem - Rachel was destined to be a star even then.

Chris Worthing said...

Wow-this blog just gets better and better-Rachel stands out an absolute mile in this-like she did in IDA!
As footage goes,I doubt if theres anything much rarer than this!
Any footage of me acting when I was a child I managed to get rid of as it was all just too plain embarrassing!

Rosie said...

This is absolutely brilliant! Rachel and Karen were both fantastic and made me laugh so much. You are both stars (even at this age!).

Also, well done David for mangaging to upload this on to youtube! Never doubted you for a second!

katee said...

aww i was only ickle....infact i may not of even been born!!

Kristin Nicole said...

This is brilliance.

But, I was trying to sing along and it's different from the Annie I know and love.

Serves me right for getting attached to a movie. but how can you NOT love a movie that has Carol Burnett, Bernadette Peters, Anne Reinking, Tim Curry and Albert Finney all in one?

(I left out the chick who played Annie cause I can't remember her name at the 'mo...AILEEN QUINN! I'm amazing...totally pulled that out of my ass)

But! Little Weensy Rachel is so cute!