Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Hyde Park 'Light At The End of The Tunnel' Footage

Woo-hoo! Thanks a million to Rachel Smith for this brilliant footage of Rachel, Jessie, Niamh and Keisha performing at Hyde Park. Oh man I LOVE this!

If you're not smiling by the end of this incredibly fun rendition, I suggest you lie down in a coffin.


Anonymous said...

haha i couldn't understand a word yet i still loved it !!!!

thank you very much!! hugs!

Anonymous said...

Yeahhh rachel gets the biggest cheer when she has her lil solo line! lol

Ali xx

Emilia Lucia said...

rachels solo line was a good'un!
poor niamh (on the next solo line) was drowned out because of all of rachel's cheering, wooo haha x

thanks for the amazing footage

jo said...

i actually cannot stop smiling when i watc this, it looks awesome! I so wish i had gone just to see that performance, they all looked as though they were having a right laugh on stage, especially rachel and jessie, they were cracking me up lol!!!

jo xx

holz said...

lol rachel and jessie crack me up, they love the train moves don't they?! they r like me and my new friend bethanie at my school disco we were up on the stage dancing! rachel and jessie are so lovely the hug at the end! Lol rachel get so much clapping and cheering you cant here niamh!

Rachel said...

Guys i may be a bit slow and you have already realised this but i only did today, the four nancy's that performed 'light at the end of the tunnel' were the original TEAM TUCKER!!

Rachel and Jessie crack me up too.
Not sure bumping bums when there is that much of a height difference really works but it was so entertaining!!


David said...

Wow Rachel you're absolutely right -- I missed that completely! John Barrowman should have introduced them as the 'Original Team Tucker' -- that would have caused a few laughs!