Monday, 15 September 2008

David's Three Videos of Rachel at the Proms

At last I've managed to upload all three videos of Rachel at the Belfast Proms!

Starting with her beautiful performance of 'Maybe This Time', followed by the onstage interview and finally the fantastic duet with Niamh 'As Long As He Needs Me.'
I have to say I LOVED this duet and will be watching it many many times. I just want to thank Rachel for providing yet another magical experience for all us fans.

Obviously this footage was taken from my vantage point in the crowd and can't compare with the BBC TV version which you can see below, but it does give a good idea of what it was like to be there. Apologies for the often dodgy camera work -- I really did do my best!

Also good news for the Niamhers -- Andy has uploaded Niamh's performance of 'On My Own' to Youtube, so check it out!

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Anonymous said...

I agree David, their rendition completely blew every other IDA contestants out of the water!
And its so sweet in the last verse when Rachel goes to hold hands with Niamh and they finish the song like that together:)
Well, even though you didnt get to meet her again I am gutted I couldnt be there last night AND that I'm not going to Hyde Park today!:( I was planning on sitting in the car all day listening to the concert on the radio (as there is no TV converage, grrrr!) but I have to go and do my own singing with my own choir! But I'm sure someone who was there will be able to find some glorious footage I can watch tomorrow!

Thanks for all the Proms stuff David, you were obviously extremely busy on this early Sunday morning!


Emilia Lucia