Monday, 4 August 2008

Thank You!

I just want to say a huge thank you to all you guys for your great Facebook comments and emails today.

I've been snowed under at various points but do keep them coming -- it's great to know there is so much interest in our girl!

We've had over 1400 hits in 48 hours since I posted the Pride photos. Wow.

I'm going to bring you Susie's footage of the night as soon as it's uploaded. It's superb quality but unfortunately very short.

Also please spare a thought for Laura's friend Rachel who brought her camera on the night but had it knocked out of her hand by an over-enthusiastic reveller during our Rachel's set -- and now it's broken for good. Boooo!

Remember if anyone else has any photos or film please let us know.

Rachel -- one message coming through loud and clear -- your fans love you!


jmor said...

Yes Rachel I love you! Just to let you know:)

And I second that Booooo! to that person I hope they said sorry to poor Rachel.*nods*

Anonymous said...

We love you Rachel!

katee said...

haha aww i think Rachel knows we love her:D

Helen said...

That is a LOT of hits. I can't believe the blog has had almost 25,000 hits since it began, that's just phenomenal, and it seems to be getting more and more popular.

Testament, I think, to the hard work of the bloggers, Andy, David and Karen, to the dedication of Rachel's fans, and most importantly of all, of course, to RACHEL herself, for just being so talented and fabulous and loveable and for inspiring us all. :)

David said...

Helen -- I think that must be the nicest comment we've ever had -- and we've had some great ones!

Thank you so much.

helen said...

Aww, thanks, David. And you're welcome. Just saying what I think :D