Wednesday, 6 August 2008

More Photos + Richard Croxford News

Here's a couple more photos taken on Saturday night.

The first is Rachel exiting the stage at the end of her performance.

It was a lucky little snap taken by me.

The scary looking security guy on the right is the one who found out the time of Rachel's performance for me.

The second photo was taken from the crowd and posted on one of the Belfast Pride forums.

We'd also like to congratulate Richard Croxford who has just been appointed artistic director of Belfast's Lyric Theatre.

As mentioned before on our blog, Richard was a strong Rachel campaigner during IDA and is highly deserving of this new position.

Full Richard Croxford Article here: LINK


jmor said...

haha love that first one, it's like excuse me guys I need to get to David please!:)

Kristin Nicole said...

Is it awkward to say that I think I have the bra she's wearing in all these pictures?

...yeah I thought so.

It was a part of a Halloween costume! I swear!

helen said...

Kristin, your comment really made me giggle :)

Kristin Nicole said...

I try Helen, I try!

But really, I think I have that bra from a Spice Girls Halloween costume from last year...ha! It's quite a cute bra, just totally impractical because of all the sparkles :)