Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Rare Rachel Volume 2

Here we go with some more lesser seen (and in a few cases never seen) shots of Rachel. I'm kicking off with a couple of shots from Rachel's superb Belfast Gay Pride performance. I took quite a few shots on the night which weren't useable due to speakers etc being in the way, but after a little doctoring in Photo Shop I managed to make these two rather more presentable.

This is a slightly bizarre one in that this photo literally dropped through my letterbox a few weeks ago. It was featured in my local free paper; the 'Lisburn Echo' and is a slightly different shot from the 'Macmillan Coffee Morning' series. Rachel was of course helping to promote the Macmillan Cancer Relief charity.

It's difficult to know what to say for the best about this next photo. First of all thanks to Jess who found this gem online entirely by accident and decided to share it with us. Pictured are Jim Rodgers, Belfast's Lord Mayor, with a life-size cardboard Rachel, and local theatre and TV personality Dan Gordon with his subtle use of signage. Dan kindly gave his permission for us to use the photo with the immortal line; 'knock yourself out.' When I first saw this photo I laughed till I cried. I'll let you add your own caption.

Almost as amusing is this next, totally mad photo courtesy of Conleth who played the scarecrow in 'The Wizard of Oz' alongside Rachel. Well two Rachels.

Next another vintage gem from Karen's collection. Not perhaps immediately obvious, but this shot is from a production of 'Cinderella' at The Millenium Forum, Derry in 2002 where Rachel played the comic role of Billy, twin brother of Jimmy and love interest for the Ugly sisters. What is pretty obvious though is that Rachel was born to be on stage.

This is a nice shot from the 'When the Josephs met the Nancys' feature. Daniel Boys must have had a tough time deciding who to hug for the photo. Well not that tough at all really. Good man Daniel!

And finally one of Andy's screencaps which needs no comment whatsoever.

PS I've just found out there are another two photos available from the 'Belfast Mayor' event. One of them includes Rachel's mum and dad and sister Margaret and is really nice. That one will definitely be featured at a later date.

Oh go on then -- here it is:

Remember if you have any pics of Rachel you'd like to see featured on the blog, just let us know.


jmor said...

LOLz the strange pic i sent you still leaves me in pain from laughs !!

and oh my Daniel and Rachel hugging awwwwwwwww:) definately goes on my Top 5 cutest Nancy pics lmao!

Andy said...

I don't know where you found that pic Jess but it's an absolute classic. One of the funniest pics I've ever seen LOL.

holz said...

lol i l-o-v-e the wizard of oz pic!!!!

Emma said...

i have her i <3 belfast top lol
and i love the wizard of oz pic :)

kater said...

Belfast's mayor is slightly creepy, do you think Rachel could become mayor, lol, she'd have lots of support!

David said...

Ha ha oh poor Jim -- he's a strong supporter of the NI football team so I can't criticise him!
Regarding Rachel for mayor -- what a brilliant idea Kater!!!
Rachel if you want to go for it -- just let me know and I'll get your campaign started...

Katie said...

love your photos! what were you on about saying mine were better, think you win! :-)

David said...

Thanks Katie, but I won't rest until I get a photo of Rachel up a mountain playing a harp lol.

helen said...

Lovely photos!!! But then I expect nothing less either from Rachel or from this blog! I love the Nancys meet Josephs one, and particularly enjoy what was called the 'subtle' signage--'Vote for Rachel or else'. Tee hee hee.

Katie said...

lol David if you can get a picture of that I'll eat my hat!