Sunday, 3 August 2008

More Pride

Hey everyone -- I thought I'd post a few more photos and details this morning.

Sorry that the stage photos are rather dark -- it was 9.30pm and threatening to rain heavily (which it later did).

Anyway -- I'd been told that the main street party acts would be on between 7pm and 9pm, with gates opening at 5pm.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect so I arrived at 4.45 to find a stage lorry parked across one end of a tiny side street.

About a dozen people were hanging around as well as several security staff.

I asked one of them what time Rachel Tucker would be on.


'Rachel Tucker'.

'Is she the Nancy girl?'


'No idea mate.'

On a third attempt I found a helpful security guy who found out for me that Rachel's stage slot was 8.15. I had a friend with me to camcorder, but he needed to leave at 9pm. I reckoned we'd be OK.

Then disaster struck. The power failed in the street. Everything went quiet. Nobody knew what was happening.

Somebody said the acts would now be performing inside the adjacent Kremlin club. We fought our way in. It was absolutely rammed to the teeth and getting any decent photos or footage looked nearly impossible.

The evening became a rollercoaster -- one minute the power was back on, the next there was a rumour that the main acts had already performed inside and we'd missed them. I contemplated suicide. Fortunately the rumour wasn't true.

9pm arrived and my friend had to go.

Someone said Rachel's new slot was probably 10pm.

Fortunately however the drag acts had agreed to either perform inside or drop out altogether.

A wonderfully camp warm-up guy took the stage and suddenly Strike were on doing their thing.

I hung around at the back of the stage area hoping for a glimpse of Rachel. Then I noticed a diminutive figure in black waiting near the stage steps. She scanned the crowd and to my absolute delight she recognised me! Oh God kill me now.

Three girls started shouting 'Rachel! Rachel!' excitedly. Rachel motioned them to be quiet -- she was just about to go on.

Strike left and Rachel bounded on stage. I flattened several people (sorry folks if you're reading this!) to get a semi-decent vantage point.

I took over 50 shots but only about 10 are useable for the blog, mainly due to me shaking like a leaf. I just want to add that if anyone would like their photos or footage of last night featured on the blog with full credits, please let me know.

Seeing Rachel on such a small stage was both bizarre and wonderful. Vocally she was in top form and her delight at performing such a fabulous medley was obvious.

If you thought watching 'Cabaret' on TV was good, you've just no idea how phenomenal it was to watch from a distance of about six feet.

Rachel had all the moves, all the attitude and seriously how many of you could do a cartwheel and the splits while singing 'All That Jazz' in front of several hundred people? Go on be honest.

This girl really is something else. I've literally run out of words to describe her.

And 'Maybe This Time' as well. Swoon.

The audience were as you might expect highly appreciative but I didn't notice any of them (sorry Susie!)

Being in the presence of such greatness made time stand still.

Rachel please please please more of this type of PA -- I know a lot of people who would pay a fortune to see this. Trust me everyone -- this is worth remortgaging your house.

The performance was over all too quickly and Rachel raced off stage.

X-Factor's Nikki Evans came on and announced that 'Rachel was robbed' on IDA and remarked on her brilliant voice.

Tell us something we don't know.

I gave Rachel a few minutes and then noticed the three girls who had been shouting 'Rachel' exiting the backstage area. The cheek of them!

I barged straight in and there was Rachel with a couple of other people who I didn't even glance at.

Rachel posed for photos, signed an autograph and chatted for several minutes.

She is so easy to talk to and as I've said before, really down to earth and lovely.

I want to thank her so much for granting me a wee audience.

I've just shown the photos to my daughter. 'Daddy Rachel looks pretty.' Kids are masters of the understatement. And Rachel asked about her last night too. Sigh.

Given last night's performance, anyone who gets a chance to see Rachel on stage is guaranteed an awesome experience. Don't think twice -- just go!

The only mystery is how our girl wasn't catapulted into the West End years ago.

She has it all -- looks, class, stage presence, a voice to die for and a beautiful personality.

Rachel -- you are one in a million.

PS I've just been contacted by one of the three girls who went backstage. Her friend has some footage of Rachel's performance and has very kindly offered to send it to us for the blog. Perfect.


Hollie said...

David do you knw when rachel is on in we will rock you not the understudy, in december? thanks hollie

helen said...

David, your persistence and perseverance certainly seems to have paid off big style! :) Thanks again for the photos!

katee said...

aww thats amazing. You sound like you had an amazing time and lets face it- it was rachel so you would of done!

Pictures are pure amazing!

jmor said...

Yes I do like hearing something we don't know David but it's also great to hear all the time how amazing Rachel is:)

not a bad thing to know LOL!

and i changed my mine that new first pic is my favorite now!!

Laur... said...

Wow, thanks so much for that review! She sounds absolutely lovely! (And yup, I'm still jealous!!)

Well done on sticking it out for 4 hours! I'm glad it was worth it! =D