Friday, 22 August 2008

Competition Reminder

Just a quick reminder that all competition entries must be in before 8:00pm Sunday 24th August. With such a fantastic prize on offer it has to be worth a guess because everyone has got an equal chance of getting it right. It's dead easy as all you need to do is tell us which missions will come 1st, 2nd & 3rd in our forthcoming poll and how many votes you think they'll get. Take a look at our original post for full details and get your guesses in before it's too late.


As you can see from the picture above, time is running out. Although you'll have to ignore the 23rd June over the finish line; I couldn't find a pic for the 24th August lol.

Note: David's away for a few days so it might be best to send all entries to me (Andy) from now on.

So far we’ve received entries from the following people:

Jo Smeaton
Chris Johnson
Lauren Pitman
Rachel M
Naomi Potter
Catherine Harris
Shaunie Dennis
Rachel Smith
Emma B
Helen M
Jessica (Jmor27)

If your name isn’t listed but you have sent us your guesses your email may have been swallowed up by our spam tray or David may not have informed me that he’d received your entry. If that’s the case please send them to me again at the email below and as soon as they’re received I will add your name to the above list.


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jmor said...

Thanks for the reminder! ill make sure i send it 5 hours earlier lol!