Sunday, 6 July 2008

Some More Info From Rachel's Fans

We've received a couple of emails from Rachel fans regarding the show.

The first is from Sarah, who has seen 'We Will Rock You' -- the second is from Hannah, who has given us some more information.

Thanks a lot guys and if anyone would like to add more, feel free to email!

Sarah Says:

Now I'm going to be honest - We Will Rock You has probably one of the silliest plot-lines in musical theatre today, but not in a bad way. It's a great night out with great music. Meat first appears about thirty minutes before the interval, then on and off in the second act until the finale. The character herself it great fun - she's feisty, she's sexy, she's loud - she's a real rebel. But you do get to see a bit of a softer side in No One But You (Only the Good Die Young) - she really pulls at your heart strings!

Hannah says:

My understanding of the narrative is that it's set in the future where, once called planet earth, everyone lives on Planet Mall and musical instruments are banned. Everyone wears the same stuff, thinks the same thoughts and listens to the same music which is made by a computer and is available for everyone to download.

The Bohemians, however, believe there was once a time where rock existed, that period I think they call the Rhapsody (which is where the song I assume comes into it) and set about rebelling and finding a way to bring that music back.

One of Meat's biggest numbers is Only The Good Die Young. This may in fact be her main show stopper and most of it she sings as a solo, with some backing towards the end on the chorus. The song is amazing and I think Rachel will sing it incredibly. The way Kerry Ellis sang it launched her and Brian May asked her to record it, having never heard someone sing it as amazingly as she did so this will be Rachel's big one that everybody will be waiting for. They begin the song by listing some of the first names of old stars who have died "Buddy, Jimmy, Kurt...Freddie" and then the song begins as a tribute.

Here's a link to Kerry Ellis performing it so you can see how much of a solo it is etc...


Hope some of this was of use. Congratulations to Rachel!

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jo said...

thanks for the link, guys, watching the videos of meat's character has made me even more excited, i cant wait to see rachel perform only the good die young, i am certain it will be sensational and outstandingly moving, as her performances always are!!! This is your time to shine rachel, and all of your fans will be there to see you live your dream.

jo xx