Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Rare Rachel Volume 1

Over the last couple of months we've built up quite a portfolio of Rachel photos from various sources.

Most of these have already been featured on the blog, but there are still a significant number which don't quite merit a post on their own, but are definitely worth seeing.

Some will already be familiar to many fans, others perhaps less so, but let's face it, if it's a photo of Rachel, it should be here!

First up is a screencap taken from the Belfast Telegraph footage we featured on the site back in June. Rachel helped to promote a Belfast cancer charity's 'Buy A Brick' campaign and this nice crowd scene is quite different to the one we originally included on the blog.

Our next photo is (as you may have guessed) from the Irish News and is a particularly nice pose, again illustrating Rachel's charity work. This was a promotional shot for Macmillan Cancer's coffee morning. Andy liked this one so much he ordered a print directly from the newspaper!

This one may be familiar to most but is a slightly better quality print than the one on the BBC site. The final six Nancy's of course got to meet Celine Dion and Rachel looks suitably chuffed.

Well of course you knew we'd have to feature a few Oz shots didn't you? Karen has been absolutely brilliant in sharing her backstage photos with us and here is another beautiful one of the two girls in their luxurious(?) dressing room.

Dorothy and the two witches. Karen was a delight as Glinda while Tommy was one of the scariest wicked witches you're ever likely to encounter. My daughter loves to recount the first time the Munchkins met him -- he leapt out at them without warning backstage -- several are still running.

I think I'm right in saying that this was taken at the premiere of 'Sex And The City.' Those other rascally 'I'd Do Anything' girls tried to hog the picture, but we know who is the real star of the show.


Katie said...

great blog yet again guys :)
although naturally i'd beg to differ about who the star of the show was in the SATC premier photo!

David said...

LOL Katie -- you've got to remember we're proud to be biased!

jmor said...

OIC.... you guys must be talking about Niamh!!!....... well of course I have to agree! lol :)

David said...

Now now ladies -- all the IDA girls are equal -- it's just that Rachel is more equal than the others!

jmor said...

I should of said before thanks for the pics! I added 3 to my collection haha!

so my total of nancy pictures comes to ahhhh 309 LOL!

Andy said...

Thats Ok Jess.

As you've probably noticed this is just 'Volume 1' so we might have some more new pictures for you to add to your collection soon.

holz said...

great blog lol love all the photos!

Emilia said...

doesn't rachel look stunning in that picture on the red carpet!
ahhhhh - its so unfair, shes like perfect hahah!x