Monday, 28 July 2008

Rachel's First Role

Sorry everyone but there's no mystery photo contest for these two priceless pictures.

No-one could fail to spot Rachel here in her debut stage appearance.

As Karen mentioned in her introductory 'I've Got A Friend' post last month, Rachel was cast in the role of naughty orphan Molly in their school production of Annie, way back in 1991.

The show obviously warranted a mention in the local paper, despite or perhaps because of the worrying fact that Karen was apparently allowed to drink vodka and smoke in public at the age of 15.

Personally I think this is one of the best and most fun photos we've yet featured on the blog and as Karen herself said, Little Flower School obviously had a little star in their midst. Well two little stars let's be honest!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Karen for finding these marvellous momentoes and also to the school for introducing Rachel to the theatrical stage.

Karen Says:
"Thanks David for publishing these pictures... wow they are a blast aren't they. I also have a video of this production believe it or not but its lost somewhere in the caverns of my parents loft! It was a great production and my last ever at school. I would also like to take this opportunity and on behalf of Rachel, to say a massive thank you to music teachers Mary O' Connor and Michelle Hart for passing on their knowledge, time and support all through our years at school. Without their endless enthusiasm, encouragement and immediate introduction to Amateur Dramatics I personally feel I may never have been given the chance to pursue Musical Theatre and make it a career."

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