Wednesday, 2 July 2008

A Personal Update From Rachel Herself

Hi Guys, hope you're all enjoying the site, this is my first blog post so here goes!

Yes well I’m off to Andrews on Thursday, its the Sydmonton Festival - Andrew holds it every year on his estate and its a chance for lots of new writing and composing to take to its feet and this year the final 6 Nancy's are joining the company of about 18 to perform Phantom of The Opera 2!!! We've been working on it for 2 weeks and its only act one we'll be performing (its really, really good, we all love it; its more contemporary than the 1st) and I’m playing the part of Meg Giry (now she’s all grown up - set in Coney Island, New York, in 1904, she’s a 'Wanna-be Show Girl'- Big and Bold, just what I like!).

Also us girls are getting to do a cabaret on the Friday night too, you'll never guess what I'm singing???? Yes Cabaret of course; I’m really excited and looking forward to it! So all the more shenanigans to be told on my return, however . . . . . . . it might be a bit more than a week as me and my Guy are off for an overdue, relaxing week in the sun to a Greek Island, ahhhhhhh! But before I go I just want to say a HUGE, HUGE thank you to all you guys that are big fans and have supported me through out this crazy, exciting, life changing experience!!! I cannot thank you enough and I only hope these few wee blogs are enough to keep you going and to repay you in some way for helping me!

Lots and lots of love, talk soon, Rachel x x x


Chris Worthing said...

I should think that holiday is well deserved,after all the turmoil of the last few weeks...time to sit on the beach and reflect just how good its been,and how much better its still going to get...the West End is surely beckoning very,very soon...

Ali Hewitt said...

I agree with Chris it is a well deserved holiday! It's great to see how well the blog done! Well Done David and Andy!!

Ali Xx

Ps..Hi Rachel!!

Katee said...

Oh My Gowd- The excitment of Rachel writing a blog!!!

Holiday is well deserved and enjoy it, relax and then get back to the West End soon (i need to know what i am buying tickets for!!)

The top 6 includes Sarah (right?!) so excited if I'm right as Jodie, Rachel and Sarah were my favorites!

Love Kate xx

David said...

Thanks for the great comments guys!
We're still speechless over here!

Katee -- I've just checked and Sarah was seventh unfortunately. A shame as she was one of my favourites too.

Anonymous said...

Nooo sarah was my 2nd favourite too! It seems like a lot of Rachel fans liked sarah too!!

thankyou soooo much for the Blog rachel if u r reading this :-D

have a good holiday x

ChrisCov said...

Well done Rachel - your 1st blog 2 your fans viewing the brilliant site created by Andy and David. Delighted to have confirmation that you will be playing the part of Meg (Phantom 2)at the private performance for ALW's invited guests at Sydmonton. Let's hope that the audience appreciate your great gifts and that someone there will get you to the West End stage soon! Sooner than soon pleeeeease!! Have a great holiday with Guy. Then, on your return, more news from you on the fan blog! x Chris

Jo said...

Thanks for the lovely blog rachel, it was so sweet, and there is absolutly no need to say thank you for the support you have had, you deserve every little bit of support that you get!!! Great news about phantom, and the caberet performance, we all know you were knock them dead with your performance. Have a lovely, well deserved holiday, but make sure you come back, so we can all come and watch you star in the west end in the very near future. xx

Melanie said...

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for writing the blog, its great to know what you're up to. Hope you and the other Nancy's have a fab time tonight and I'm sure you will be amazing!
Melanie (from Belfast!) xo

Rosiee said...

I agree with Jo - its been a pleasure to support you Rachel, you gave us weeks and weeks of fabulous performances and never failed to impress us, so thank YOU!!
Have a brilliant holiday, very well deserved.
And yes, when you get back, do let us know which tickets we need to buy!
Look forward to hearing from you again and thank you!
Also, massive thanks again to David and Andy for this brilliant blog.
Rosie x x x

Lizzie said...

What a lovely note from Rachel! Good to hear you're doing exciting things, can't wait to come and see you on a West End stage soon! Have a brilliant holiday!
PS David, Andy and Karen: the blog is AWESOME.

Arlene said...






Anonymous said...

abig THANKYOU to David and Andy ,

Blog is fab, iput a link on my bebo too xx

Foxy said...

I make no bones about, I'm a Jessie Buckley fan. But I have great admiration for Rachel as well. At the moment I'm serving with the NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Each week, during the IDA seies we had our own vote in the mess. And without fail, until she was eliminated from the main competition, Rachel came a close second to Jessie. Of course, we were not able to vote on the official show anyway.

Recently I was on leave in London and as my birthday is Christmas Day my fiance and my best friend treated me to see both shows, We Will Rock You and Jessie's A Little Night Music. I can honestly say that both girls performances blew us away.

We have 2 major stars emerging, and being half Irish myself I'm proud of both of them.

So love & greetings to both Rachel & Jessie from the boys & girls in Afghanistan.

Foxy X