Thursday, 24 July 2008

Congratulations to Sam

We'd like to congratulate Samantha Barks, who has been cast in the role of Sally Bowles in the touring production of Cabaret.

She will appear alongside established performer Wayne Sleep, who is taking on the role of the Emcee.

The Sally Bowles part is a demanding one and we wish Sam every success.


jmor said...

Yehhhhh the role of SB for our very own SB!!! Congrats to Sam !!!*happy dance*

Anonymous said...

Is that a joke?

Congrats to Sam and everything, but the role of Sally Bowles was practically made for Rachel!


David said...

Hi Emilia

I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but Rachel was actually offered the Sally Bowles role and turned it down to play Meat in WWRY. See Rachel's interview with the 'Sunday Life' newspaper (July 6th -- featured on our blog) for confirmation of this.

I personally feel that Sam deserves credit for taking on the role, and hope she does well.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh no I understand now!
Well done Sam though, this is her first big role I think?!

Seen some of he new pictures in her Cabaret costume, she looks good. I'm going to try & get tickets for this too! Thanks again David


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sam! You deserve a very successful and bright future, you are a star!

Anonymous said...

well done to our lovely Samantha as ever a star, cant wait to see the show.