Saturday, 5 July 2008

Beautiful Fan Video

As the 'I'd Do Anything' experience fades into Rachel's past and we look forward to her exciting future, it's fitting that we should all have a very special souvenir of the event which launched our girl onto the world stage.

Quite a few Rachel montages have appeared since the show, but I think you'll agree that none are quite as good as this one.

We want to say a huge thank you to Jess (Jmor), whom Andy and I know well from the forums. She spent two weeks creating this beautiful video and it has been worth every second.

Visually documenting Rachel's wonderful contributions to IDA, the picture quality is crystal clear, and as Andy so perfectly put it; 'this will make you laugh, smile and cry.'

The backing music is 'Dare You To Move' by Switchfoot.

I do hope all our readers will enjoy watching this labour of love as much as we have and I'm sure when Rachel returns from her well-deserved holiday, she will love it too.

And Rachel -- I'm sure it must be strange coming to terms with suddenly having thousands of fans. Please just watch this little video and you will see what we see -- this is why we love you.

Thank you so much Jmor!

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