Friday, 13 June 2008

Rachel -- You've Got a Friend

Following her inexplicable inclusion in the bottom two the previous week, Rachel needed to come back with something really special.

She opted for the lovely ballad; 'You've Got a Friend', a gentle song made famous by both Carole King and James Taylor.

This time there were no gyrating male dancers on stage -- it was just Rachel and the audience, and the result was simply beautiful.

Rachel has an incredibly expressive face, and she sang straight to the audience at home. Her performance radiated both confidence and sincerity and in my opinion was bettered only by 'About You Now' and 'Cabaret' in the whole series.

Aside from John Barrowman, the judges were largely unimpressed, but the important thing was that 'You've Got A Friend' kept Rachel out of the bottom two and ensured her safe passage through to week eight.

Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

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