Friday, 6 June 2008

Rachel -- Oh What A Night

Click on the video below to see Rachel's stunning third night performance on 'I'd Do Anything'. When it's finished, click again. Repeat until bedtime.

The Four Seasons originally hit number one with this classic song, and here Rachel turns a 1976 pop confection into a delicious slice of 2008 party fun.

Despite a stage invasion by two blokes (who I'm sure paid the BBC a fortune to be on that stage), our girl does an absolutely fantastic job here, gyrating and sassying her way through another brilliant but all too brief performance.

Suddenly the licence fee is almost worth paying for!
Note I said almost.

Andy Says:

I absolutely loved Rachel’s performance of ‘Oh What a Night’. I thought it really highlighted just how great Rachel’s movement is; her dancing was superb. She seemed to be having a fantastic time with that song and as always looked absolutely stunning. The judges couldn’t fault it either:

Denise Van Outen said: "Rachel, when you come out, you give us a show, week after week. You deliver every time. The way you perform, you're very secure in yourself and as an audience member that makes me feel very secure. I know you can do this eight times a week. It was fantastic."

Barry Humphries commented: "Rachel, wonderful energy, vibrant, great. I've played the part of Fagin at least four times, in four separate productions over the years, and at the very first rehearsal of this show, way back in the early 60s, I was sitting in a rehearsal room and Georgia Brown, who was the original Nancy came in to the room and you have some of her great quality."

John Barrowman said: "Rachel: Consistent, strong, definite leading lady contender. You definitely could be my Nancy!"

Andrew Lloyd Webber concluded the comments saying: "A really great Four Seasons song of course, and a fabulous, fabulous performance."

Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

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