Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Rachel Interview

No not an actual Rachel interview with us, sorry folks! But Rachel, if you're reading this, we'd be more than delighted to report your thoughts!

For me, Rachel's 'exit interview' (see below) was perhaps the most moving part of the entire competition.

In barely two minutes, Rachel registers disappointment, sadness, gratitude, compassion, grit, determination, self-deprecation, appreciation, empathy and boundless ambition. Have I missed anything?

Rachel always comes across in a delightfully natural way. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and while this might not serve her well in say 'The Apprentice', it's precisely the quality which has endeared her to so many, both on TV and in her earlier stage work. But she's no pushover. The perfect combination of vulnerability and ambition is a rare quality indeed, but I believe Rachel may well have it.

The interview is raw and emotional, but powerful and uplifting as well. Her words for her family and friends and the other girls are warm and heartfelt. And I love the 'just a wee girl from Belfast' line.

And in the final 20 seconds or so, you just know that this 'wee girl' has got the ambition and drive of a true superstar.

If this clip were a job interview, any employer would know instantly that their search was over.

Not many positive things have come from Belfast in the last few decades, but I'm proud to say that Rachel is one of the very best.

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