Thursday, 12 June 2008

Rachel -- For Once In My Life

The sixth song Rachel performed on the live shows was ‘For Once in my Life’. I thought she did a sensational job and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her sashaying all over the stage while clicking her fingers to the beat. She really did look like a gorgeous old style lounge singer.

This was the week when mad Barry Humphries started to lose his marbles, likening Rachel to a horse in the Grand National – in the middle of the field but starting to jog on. Now comparing someone as beautiful as Rachel to a horse is crazy in itself but then to suggest she was not a front runner was just ridiculous. Especially considering she had been spectacular every week and received nothing but praise from the panel.

Despite his bizarre comparison, Barry, the other judge’s and Andrew all agreed it was another magnificent performance:

John Barrowman: “Rachel, fun, free, easy, joyful; I felt confident. There was a little crack in the middle but you know what, sometimes emotional cracking is better than perfection. That performance was outstanding; you took me back to the 1940’s.”

Denise Van Outen: “I’m so excited for you Rachel, to see this different side to you. We’ve often seen an intense, dramatic side of you but that was just what I was looking for. Your eyes were smiling, you just looked fantastic and once again a world class performance from you.”

Barry Humphries: “Rachel you’ve got what it takes there’s no question of that. You’re like a horse in the Grand National, you’re in the middle of the field but you could very easily make it to the finish. It was a very good performance.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber: “Rachel you’re a wonderful professional actress who would always keep the curtain up; outstandingly good.”

David Says:

This performance is an absolute joy to watch. Rachel proves she can master any singing style and she has the look to match.

Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

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