Sunday, 8 June 2008

Rachel Exclusive!!!!!!

Here at Rachel's biggest and brightest fan site, we have scooped a Rachel exclusive!

As mentioned in an earlier post, Rachel returned to Belfast this weekend for several personal appearances. The most secret of these was a very special picnic in the park for 'The Munchkins' from the Wizard of Oz production.

Being a proud Munchkin dad, I was more than delighted to accompany my daughter and her friends to see Rachel in Belfast's Botanic Gardens this afternoon.

The event was organised as a big 'thank you' to all the children who had supported Rachel so enthusiastically throughout the 'I'd Do Anything' competition.
In truth, the reason for their fervent support was Rachel herself, and watching her today with the children, it was very easy to see why.

Rachel spent over an hour with the children and their families, chatting, posing for endless photos, signing autographs and even performing a couple of acapella numbers from Oz with the kids.

I must admit I'd been half expecting to have to fight my way through a huge crowd, but in typically thoughtful Rachel style, she had ensured that only the Munchkin families had been invited. She could easily have publicised the event and drawn hundreds, but this was a very special 'thank you' and no-one attending could fail to love her for it.

Before you ask, she wasn't giving anything away concerning auditions and future roles, but this was neither the time nor the place. We'll all know soon enough, and hopefully many of you will hear about it here first!

All I can say is that if Rachel treats all her fans as well as this, she'll have them for life!


Sarah said...

Awwww wow i love Rachel!
Your so lucky you got 2 meet her! she seems really lovely :)

Anonymous said...

How great is this! I'll definately be reading this blog from now on! Rachel is so good, she has a great future ahead!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely thank you from Rachel to all the munchkins for their support. As you said, she could have publicised it and got further recognition for it but didn't. She still seems grounded and appreciated the support she received from home. Not a diva in sight!
I must agree with your misses when she says your talents are wasted. You should be writing columns for magazines or newspapers, it was a very interesting read.

Heather S.

Anonymous said...

iwish ihad off know about this,we will support her all the way,
arlene and rathgael gymnastics