Friday, 20 June 2008

Rachel - Cabaret

This turned out to be Rachel’s last competitive solo performance on I’d Do Anything but boy did she go out with a bang. She came out dressed in fishnets and a corset and belted out an absolutely magnificent version of Cabaret. It was full of passion, heart and raw emotion. Rachel had really put everything into it and she received a standing ovation. It was sensational. The most impressive thing for me was how she managed to take a song everyone knows, and put her own stamp on it. I was absolutely mesmerised, and it was undoubtedly the best performance of the series. Vocally, Rachel is brilliant, and she is definitely the complete package. She is a superb dancer and an incredible actress.

Needless to say the judge’s comments matched their ovation. Denise said it was phenomenal, absolutely fantastic and that she was shaking with excitement. There was a quick cut-away to the other Nancy’s at that point... in an unguarded moment, and they looked extremely worried. John Barrowman was straight into shouty/pointy mode ("That was Rachel, Rachel, Rachel!"); he went on to say she has the ability to play any character and should be in the final. Even Mad Barry said that it was a star performance. Cameron said "by George, she's got it" and commented on how she took a well known song and infused it with her own personality; he ended by saying he would love to see her play Nancy on a West End stage. Andrew, who had just returned to his seat after leading the ovation, congratulated her for changing the lyrics to incorporate her name and said it was simply fantastic.

David says:

'Cabaret' was the performance that changed Rachel from an impressive performer to an absolute knockout. There were several people in our living room at the time. All conversation stopped and by the end everyone just sat there with their mouth open.

Rachel threw everything she had into this performance, Style, class, determination and above all massive talent. You could tell she really wanted this and to be honest I can't remember a single thing about the other girl's that night.

A particularly nice touch was the working of Rachel's name into the lyric and to get a standing ovation from both the panel and the Lord himself was just phenomenal.

This was by a country mile the best performance by anyone in the entire series.

In my opinion you will not see a better rendition of Cabaret anywhere but check out the video below and decide for yourself.

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